Millennial Men Smell Like Men

Millennial Pick of the Week…Old Spice Campaign 

 Have you ever wanted to be a manly man, but you have no idea how to obtain this level of awesomeness? If you so than the Old Spice campaign featuring former NFL athlete Isaiah Mustafa is exactly what you are looking for. This campaign may not have necessarily been targeted at Millennials, but that has not stopped us from falling in love with it.

The Old Spice campaign, which is by far one of the most successful and creative marketing concepts of all time, put this company on the map in the social media world.  With over 236 million YouTube views, 80,000 Twitter followers in 2 days and a sales figure increase of 107% it is pretty clear why this campaign is a winner.

Many of the reasons Jeff Bullas references in his article 11 Social Media Marketing Lessons from the Old Spice Campaign also explain why Millennials love this campaign.

Why Would Millennials love the Old Spice Campaign?

1.    Short and to the Point. Millennials, having grown up in a digital world, are accustomed to media sound bites and twitter feeds, not newspapers and novels. Millennials want to receive information in a quick, creative, and engaging way that lets us hear what we want to hear without wasting a single moment of our precious time. The Old Spice campaign is the perfect combination example of a witty, fun advertisement that people just won’t stop watching.

2.    Easy to Share and Easy to Find.  As you are well aware millennials always have to be constantly connected. We want to be able to share pretty much every waking moment with our family and closest friends, which social media allows us to do while on the go. Therefore, because it is so easy to tweet, text or email the link to the Old Spice campaign as we go about our daily lives it should come as no surprise that we would decide to share the campaign with all of our Facebook friends.

3.    Real Time Personalized Responses.  Millennials love personalized attention and thanks to the Old Spice real time responses that is exactly what we have been able to get from Isaiah Mustafa himself. So the next time you have a question about how to be a manly man or smell like one of the most beautiful places in the world feel free to make your own video and wait for the Old Spice guy to teach you.


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